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Color Record Seminar in Kuwait

20-22/10/2023 From2PM-8PM(Riyadh Time)



☆申し込みリンク☆ DATE October 20 – 22, 2023 From2PM-8PM(Riyadh Time)            From8PM-0AM(Japan Time)   LANGUAGE Arabic, English LOCATION Kwait, SSD HOW TO ATTEND Online PREREQUISITES Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper CERTIFICATION TRACK Practitioner This Seminar/Course Includes: Duration: 3 days Course Description Have you ever wondered… “Why are there colors?” It’s about the same thing as asking, “Why is there air?”, That is how COLOR is thought to be the natural order of things. However, there are different types of COLOR. The color of the room, the color of the light, the transparent color like a glass cups. The color of the face, mind, aura and chakra. Every color has a different impression and different image. In general, Green gives out an image of nature and has a relaxing effect. Red is active and energetic. So how does it feel to you personally? What color do you like? There are people who like yellow. Some like pink, pastel tone and some like monotone in particular. Every person has a different sense towards color. Then where do the senses come from? Why are they different from one another? It is because, everything has color, and it comes with the memory of self-experience. This is a class of knowing and understanding your connection with color and mind and letting go of trauma and moving on to a new life. This practitioner seminar was designed by Katsumi Ifuku using the ThetaHealing® Techniques and became an approved Elective in 2016. (3) What’s included in this seminar   Color Record Textbook   Color Record Workbook   Color Sheet   Certificate of Completion Note: Sent as data.   Color Record Workbook and Color Sheet must be printed out in preparation for the class. (4) Items to be prepared in advance by students themselves   ①10 sheets of white paper (like regular sized copying paper)   ②Pencil sharpener   ③Mirror   ④Paper scissors   ⑤Colored pencils (24 or more colors with soft leads)    Recommended item: (Amazon link)

  • Starts 10月20日
  • Online Zoom

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