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be my self 私らしくいる

Psychic master  katsumi Ifuku

I was born into a psychic family, but I am good at living in this real world.

I look forward to seeing many of my clients experience instant healing and happiness in my sessions.

It's been 14 years since I started ThetaHealing.
More than 500 seminars have been held!
We hold about 1,000 sessions a year.

ThetaHealing Science and ThetaHealing seminars can all be held.
Elective class "Color Record" is being held

I also took the initiative in Vianna's overseas instructor seminars and became an assistant.
I try to convey ThetaHealing exactly as Vianna says.

I have been a fashion designer in Kobe for 36 years and have established a design company.
I myself overcame an intractable disease called "multiple sclerosis" with ThetaHealing.
I decided to work as a theta healer

I went to my father's hospice for two months, and for the last three weeks I stayed in his hospital room and cared for him 24 hours a day.
How you live and how you die is up to you, and I felt that it is very important to think about it properly.
It's great that everyone can live their own life.
I would be happy if I could tell you the tips to live happily through seminars and sessions.

I'm from Kansai, so it's a fun and laughing class! Welcome to Katsumi Theater! !


Katsumi Ifuku

1963Born in Kobe
As a child, I was obsessed with ballet.
Worked as chief designer at a major fashion manufacturer for 17 years.
in office,
Learn color coordinator, color planner, personal color, color psychology, etc.

Acquisition of Color Test Level 1 (National Qualification)
Became independent and founded PEONY Co., Ltd.
Work on a large number of apparel and planning designs.
Held color seminars at companies and department stores, and also held fashion shows and color seminars in China.
Since childhood, she has continued to study modern ballet (contemporary) and has worked on costumes for many competitions.
Year 2005 
become an intractable neurological disease (multiple sclerosis),
Encounter energy work in the course of healing.
Founded Coodale Co., Ltd.
overcoming incurable diseases
Learning Healing While Continuing Designer Work
golden drop, crystal healing, theta healing
session room open
Become an apparel planning advisor
Fashion College Visiting Lecturer
year 2012
Certified ThetaHealing Professional Coach
ThetaHealing Master Certification
ThetaHealing Science Certification
Opened session rooms in Kansai and Nakanosakaue
start working in india
Get Crystal Layout Instructor
Get DNA Activation Instructor
Start studying coaching and consulting
Successfully lost 20 kg in 7 months! "Body makeover" Mental coaching started
Modern ballet (contemporary) resumes
"Color Record" Seminar Certified as ThetaHealing Seminar

Started overseas activities.

Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Full member
Thai traditional massage 120 hours Thai government certification
Reflexology Thai government certification
Lucy Dutton Thailand Government Certification

Salon consulting seminar started


ThetaHealing "Relationship" Instructor


ThetaHealing "Layer 2 of Existence" Practitioner


​Career consultant national qualification


"DNA4" Practitioner

​ “Color Record” online event begins

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