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I took Katsumi's spiritual healer online training course.

I took a course of about 800,000 (*← it was a limited-time price), but for some reason I misunderstood the digits and thought it was a course of 80,000. applied.


So I was surprised when I checked the price at the first meeting! !

I wonder why I made a mistake! ! ? I was astonished at my stupidity, but I felt like I would change if I took something, so I took it with momentum.

As a result, I thought that 800,000 was too cheap! ! !

Katsumi I think it's good to take more than double.


I don't dare to talk about the wonderfulness of the class content and Katsumi's ability, charm, etc.


"I'm so bad at reading that I don't really understand"

"I hate digging, so I don't want to do it."

“Healing is just a hobby, and I can’t imagine trying to turn it into a business by receiving money from other people!”


"If I'm not a healer, who else is going to be a healer?"

lift up toThank you.


Thanks to Katsumi-san, I'm extremely happy now because I've received a lot of happy miracle reports from those who participated in the monitor session.

Recently, I was told, "I've lived for decades and seen many things, but at last I've met a real person."

Considering from the first poor condition, this change is the person who is most surprised.


From now on, I'm thinking of quitting my main day job and gradually working as a healer.

As well as improving my ability as a healer, I feel that my whole life is steadily shifting in a good direction after receiving the healer training account.


If you get a feel for it, it's proof that you're being guided, so please feel free to inquire about it after a session.

I promise that you will have a wonderful future beyond your imagination ^^

Theta healer H


Katsumi-san/Impressions of the Healer Training Course 

The reason why I took Katsumi's healer training course was "I want to be able to do theta healing sessions!"  


As a result, I was able to have a session properly after the course. Pair work is no longer scary because it feels like "Yeah, okay!" What makes me happier than anything else is that I gained the confidence to say, “I am connected to the Creator!”, “I can do readings!”, and “I can do sessions!” Katsumi-san, who trains healers with a bang, is amazing! ! is.  


1. What exactly will you learn?,

2. What was good about it?, and so on,  


  1. As the name suggests, the “Healer Training Course” is a course in which Katsumi becomes a one-on-one teacher and trains students to become full-fledged ThetaHealers.  

Whether a student is a beginner or an intermediate student, Katsumi-san will identify what the student needs and will bring them up so that they can do a ThetaHealing session. As a matter of fact, Katsumi-san and the Creator are the teachers because she teaches while connecting with the Creator. The strongest teachers! This is a course taught by  


In my case, there is a 7-hour time difference between Japan and Paris, so I took classes from Katsumi's evening to night (my morning to afternoon) for two days every weekend for two months.  

The contents are  

  1. Session procedures and methods, energy work review and questions 

  2. Clearing for myself by Katsumi (=Theta session) 

  3. I will do a 40-minute session with Zoom to the monitor (Katsumi is watching the session, but she is in a mute state with no images) (The monitor will prepare it every time, so you don't have to look for it yourself. .)  

  4. Katsumi-san and I were both looking back on the session.  


2. I will list the points that I feel are good.  

A)     With proper reasons and explanations, I understand the ThetaHealing technology and Theta philosophy (the spiritual thoughts and ideas behind ThetaHealing). Go ahead, convince yourself and improve.  

In my case, I asked a lot of questions such as "I don't understand one thing right now", "Why?", "What do you mean?", "How do you do it specifically?" Thanks to this, my understanding of the spiritual perspective and way of thinking that flows behind each energy work and ThetaHealing has progressed, and I can actually understand and use it. "Oh, this is how you do it!" If you understand it properly, it will be interesting and moving, and you will like Theta more and more. No matter what I ask about ThetaHealing, Katsumi-san will explain the reason with specific examples. This is possible because Katsumi-san herself has asked Vianna-san many questions directly, and she understands thoroughly. ThetaHealing continues to evolve with the times. With Vianna-san's channeling, new content will be added steadily, so if you don't always update with new information, it won't keep up with the times. Katsumi-san keeps track of it and is constantly updating it with the latest information. "At first it was like this, but recently it's changed like this. Because...", so you can learn with confidence. The more I learned about ThetaHealing, the more I felt its depth, and I was moved by the results when I used it, and I fell in love with Theta.  


B)     Practical and ready-to-work skills for sessions.  

They watch my sessions together in real time and give me comments afterwards. You can check what you are good at, what you are not good at, and what you are good at. = Progress by understanding what is good to keep and what needs to be improved.  

In particular, if you are really connected to the creator, are you listening, are you reading well, or are you delusional? It helped me move forward with confidence.  

In addition, since each session is an actual session, you will get used to doing the session itself, get a sense of time, gain courage, and be ready to work. I'm worried about the session → OK, let's do it! It turns into a pleasure.  


C)     shifts itself with every clearing.  

Every time, Katsumi-san clears me (= gives me a session!), so my own clearing progresses steadily, making it easier for me to have a session (= gaining confidence in reading and connection with the Creator). and my personal life continues to shift even further. Even in my daily life, I have more experiences of “if I think about it, it will come true” without giving commands, which leads to more confidence.  


D)     gives advice from a marketing professional's point of view.  

From the perspective of Katsumi-san, who is also a marketing professional (who brought in 50 billion dollars a year to the company as a designer), what are my strengths other than Theta among my personal qualities? I received a lot of advice on how to use it in my activities. Katsumi knows everything about Theta, so I can discuss how I want to use Theta in the future. I was very grateful for the fact that I didn't have a commercial point of view. About this, it is also called "Self-branding ♡ consultation seminar", so this is also useful. It is recommended.  


E)     Mr. Katsumi's talk makes the lecture itself fun!  

The story is so good and fun that it is called "Katsumi Theater!" The explanations were funny and easy to understand, and I was happy that I was looking forward to the lecture (even though I was nervous because I was super serious). I wish it would last forever. I think it's a way of learning that fits the current times, where you can enjoy and shift.  


Lastly, for those of you who are hesitant about taking the course, here is my advice.  

If you are unsure, I recommend that you join Katsumi-san's monthly "Practice Meeting" (3,000 yen for 3 hours). Because the healer training course is also the same atmosphere as the practice meeting. At the practical meeting, you can learn about the latest themes in a very easy-to-understand and fun way, and you can ask anything about Theta. The difference from the training course is whether it is self-work or a session for the client. (To be honest, the level of the practice sessions is high. Continuing the practice sessions will make you evolve and shift considerably, but don't worry about that. In the training course, they will match the level of the students).  

For me, this training course goes beyond the purpose of "becoming a ThetaHealer!" I highly recommend it not only to those who want to deepen their knowledge of Theta, but also to those who just want to use it personally.  


Theta healer living in Paris 

Naoko OKU 


Thank you very much for always having a good time with the practice meeting and the session.


Every time I have a session it changes, and since I took the seminar in January, everything has changed and it's amazing! ! I thought,

I was impressed by Katsumi's lightness, fun and smartness.


However, at the time of the seminar in January, I thought that everything would change, and at the same time I couldn't make a manifesto.

I have applied for another session.


Laughter, fun, lots of advice,

On the way home, I immediately did something about raising a manifesto with my favorite things along with charity.


The photo of my favorite comedian makes me smile, so I shared the image of the photo (Yano Heido's Heido-san lol).


Right after that, I entered a restaurant that caught my attention as I was passing by.

While looking at the menu, I remembered that it was a regular place that the comedian was talking about,

I made the same order as that person's usual gluttonous request.


How does the owner know about the order? I was asked, so when I answered that it was Hyoudou-san,

He talked about many episodes of Mr. Heido, and at the end he asked me to come again.

I was sent off to such an extent that I felt that I might have thought that I was an acquaintance of Mr. Heido.


I just raised the image of Mr. Heido, and just a little bit will come in this form? I was pleasantly surprised.


I also remembered that in the past, I wrote a manifesto saying that I was able to connect with my favorite comedians and do ThetaHealing and what I can do for them.

I think that this will come true by connecting with entertainers,

For that reason, I was able to think once again that I should be able to use ThetaHealing.


Katsumi-san made a manifesto with the things she liked and told me that it would be fine to drop as many things as she liked, and it went according to her words.

Thank you very much for your excitement.


After that, I was indebted to Mr. Katsumi with my healer friend,

I am also happy to be able to learn with that friend and share the joy. I am always grateful.


thank you.


The first time I met Mr. Ifuku was at an instructor class in Tokyo.

Mr. Ifuku, who was in charge of taking care of me, is from the same Kansai area, so I talked to him about various things.

One day, a person from Tokyo whom I became familiar with at the venue said to Mr. Ifuku, "I want to take more classes, but there are various things."


"That's right ️

But hey, that's not it~

All you have to do is step on it and move forward~ Fufufu."


I love laughing ifuku-san~️


Until now, I've been tossed about by fantasy dramas


"Well, just step on it and move forward❗"


I agree. Really lighter

So, life is fun now ️


Every time I listen to Mr. Ifuku's practice session, I have new discoveries and realizations, and I'm evolving more and more.


No more believing, no more searching.


I feel it.


Because it's already "because I know ️"


I'm looking forward to the next time too❗

Thank you as always ️ Deep gratitude ️




ゲームオブライフはまさに地球を楽しむ! 為のセミナーです。





「こうやって生活の中で1分1秒シータを使うのよ!」って 克美さんのお話しすごくよくわかり 目からウロコでした。

シータヒーリングの使い方のコツ! 実践会











複製 - 瞑想会&交流会参加






















交流会もとてもリラックスした中で克美さんのお話は面白くて わかりやすくて メチャメチャ楽しかったです。あっという間に時間が過ぎてしまいました。
またこんな瞑想会&交流会をまた作って下さい( ᵒ̴̶̷̤⌔ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )♡




今年は 存在の層 を受けます!とクリエイターにマニフェストしてました!
この 最高のタイミングで 受講できた事、感謝します。

伊福先生の セミナーや実践会での さらっとした言葉が 、とっても私に響いて、魂がウキウキします。
セッションも 深いシータ波に包まれ、パワフルで優しくて、周りの世界がすぐ変わります。


これからも 私自身の純粋な目的を素直に行います。








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