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カラーレコード セミナー

"Why are there colors? ] Have you ever thought about it?

"Why is there air? "Color" is taken as a matter of course, but there are various colors. , chakra color
Colors have impressions and images.
In general, green is associated with nature and has a relaxing effect, while red is active and energizing.
What about you personally?
what color do you like
Some people like yellow.
Some people like pink, some like pastel tones, and some stick to monotones.
So where does that feeling come from?
Why do people have different senses? ?
That's because everything has a color and I remember it with my own experience.
This class helps you to understand the relationship between your own color and heart, let go of trauma, and move on to a new life.



First day
Color psychology 1: Self-worth (coloring work, diagnosis, pair work)
Color Basics Discussion
Color psychology 2: stimulus words (coloring work, diagnosis, pair work)
2nd day
Color psychology 3: color history (coloring work, diagnosis, pair work)
Color Life Theory Discussion
Exercise Writing
Exercise Open the Psychic Center
Color psychology 4: Aura reading (coloring work, diagnosis, pair work)
Third day
Color psychology 5: introversion and extroversion (coloring work, diagnosis, pair work)
Personal color discussion
Color psychology 7: Wish fulfillment (color painting work, diagnosis, pair work)
Pyramid manifesto

Seminar Overview *Fundamentals of Color






* Color life theory









* Color psychology










*Personal color













Schedule (hours)     in person 6 hours x 3 days

          Online 5.5 hours x 3 days


Minimum fee   ¥81,840~ (¥74,400 + consumption tax) or $480~ + registration fee

Participation conditions        "Basic DNA, Applied DNA ,  Dig Deeper. Completion"


        Color Record Textbook

  Color Record Workbook

  Color Sheet

  Certificate of Completion

Note: *Data will be sent to those who apply. Printing is also available.

Please prepare worksheets for output by printing them out so that you can write on them.

Completion certificate

What to prepare

* 10 sheets of white paper (something like A4 copy paper)

*Pencil sharpener


*Paper cutting scissors

* Colored pencils (24 colors or more with soft cores)

Recommended: (FABER-CASTELL watercolor pencils 36 colors red can)

アセット 121.png
アセット 1.png

Color is law. Learn the tricks of using 6 layers.

Once you understand the basics, you will be able to distinguish colors.

Learn how colors affect the body and mind.

what color food should i eat now

I know what color of light I should bathe in.

You will be able to do color light therapy.

アセット 123.png

through colored pencil work

Discover your state of mind and connect it to ThetaHealing work.

"Find your self-worth"

​  to be yourselfclearing session

"Looking back on this life"
to be really happyclearing session

"Unravel this life"

to live comfortablyclearing session

アセット 124.png

Diagnose your shining color from your skin color and eye color.

​ During the seminar, we will diagnose each person and give you the top 3 fabric chips of the color that suits you.

アセット 6.png

  ThetaHealing work is illustrated to make it easier to understand.

For those who say "I still don't know a little about sessions"

We will guide you step-by-step through the session.

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